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A+   Loans above £2m

A +  Bespoke Loans above £2m - tailor made to you. Discretion is everything.

We are unique in that we can provide 'Bespoke Mortgages' over £2m. These allow borrowers to mix rates (eg fixed, tracker) and vary loan loan amounts and terms.  More importantly, flexible underwriting that now allows a greater degree of interest only lending and non standard cases / non standard property.

For mortgages above £2m, our long established links with High street lenders and specialist Private Banks go back 20 years.

In Q2 2017 Avenue and Co Private Finance continued to expand the Private bank lenders on our panel.  We now have established links with over 40 Private Banks to offer our clients the most comprehensive offering of lenders for our clients for loans above £5m.

Private Banks still play a key role in large lending, offering a much greater flexibility of products in terms of how the rate is calculated and how they take into account income and bonus payments. Private Bank lending can cater for the more complex cases where applicant's income is made up of various sources, lending to Trusts and lending to purchase property via SPV Limited Companies.

 - 1. Mortgages can be secured for complicated income streams, consideration of bonuses, lending on existing assets (including investments) and share portfolios, trust income or investable assets.

 - 2. These products do not show up on price comparison sites or the internet.  Private Banks only distribute these products through very carefully selected FCA regulated professional brokers. Only a handful of brokers in the UK can offer the Private Banks to offer these products to their clients.

 - 3.  Many Private Banks wont allow just a mortgage nowadays, they usually require assets under management (AUM) as part of the deal - so you may have to shift cash or other investments to the lender.  We now offer 'Dry lending' where AUM not required.

 - 4.  Exclusive mortgage products from Private Banks (onshore and offshore), Specialist Tax advisers, Accountants,  Leading Surveyors (both Residential & Commercial),  Currency specialists, and the leading Property Agents in the UK.

 - 5. The minimum loan size to qualify for these deals are £2m and may lend to £50m. (£5m + may take longer due to credit committee approval required) at around 65% LTV.  Most lending is at LIBOR (3m) + 2-3.5% at 60% LTV.

We have the unique ability to negotiate directly with the underwriters and credit committee on behalf of our clients to ensure we obtain the most competitive lending terms or where applicants do not fit the usual criteria.

Contact Ketan Yadav - Specialist lending Director at kyadav@avenue-pf.com about the award winning A + Large loan lending mortgages. 

FOREIGN CURRENCY LOANS: Mortgages available in US dollar, Japanese Yen, Euros, GBP Sterling, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong dollar. and managed Multi Currency mortgages are  also available.

LIBOR & BANK BASE RATE LENDING - Access to LIBOR and Bank of England Base rate lending to 75% LTV and no early repayment charges.

DEVELOPMENT FINANCE: Whether you are building your own property or are developing, we are the experts with over 18 yrs experience in this sector. Finance can also be obtained if the property is of non standard construction.. 

BUY TO LET: Specialist technical advice for short leases, Listed property, Conversions, property requiring heavy refurbishment/rebuilding,   Land and development finance can also be arranged for experienced property professionals (if you own over 25 properties and require aggregate lending) on attractive terms. 

EXPATRIATES & FOREIGN CURRENCY MORTGAGES: Foreign Currency mortgages are available where applicants earn income in other currencies such as dollar, yen and Euros, or where you have a preference for a foreign currency loan.

We also arrange mortgages for UK Expatriates living outside EU countries and applicants.

Lending for specialist occupations such as Sports, Entertainment and other professional occupations, flexible underwriting and larger loans can be arranged.  

For all enquiries in this area, please email specialist lending director Mr Ketan Yadav: kyadav@avenue-pf.com 

or call 0345 230 9091 - A qualified professional adviser will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss any enquiry - obligation free. 




As comprehensive mortgage advisers, you can choose how we are paid.  We usually charge an admnistration and advice fee to process a mortgage application.  This fee is usually £599.00. We may on completion receive a commission from the lender. 

Alternatively, you can pay us a fee of 0.35% of the loan and we will refund any commission back to you that we receive. We adhere to the principles of treating customers fairly and if we do charge you a fee, we will put in writing to you details of any fees before commencing any work.

The FCA does not regulate Foreign mortgages, Foreign loans, Commercial mortgages, Trusts and some forms of Buy to Let mortgages.  

The FCA does not regulate some forms of Bridging Finance.

Changes in the exchange rate may increase the sterling equivalent of your debt.

We act as introducers for Foreign Mortgages, Commercial mortgages and Trusts.



  • Tel: 0345 230 9091 (Mon-Fri 09:00 - 17:00)
  • Fax: 0333 123 9093
  • Avenue & Co Private Finance, 25 Sackville Street, London
  • W1S 3AX


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